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Artsy Contracting Company Ltd.

6600 Dennett Place, Delta, BC V4G 1NA

604-946-8778  |  office@artsyco.com


Our commercial clientele mainly consists of restaurants, hotels, banks, libraries, law offices, and dental offices.


Some of our commercial restaurant projects throughout Canada include:

  • Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC: White Spot, Red Robin, Cactus Club Cafe, Black+Blue Steakhouse 

  • Alberta: White Spot 

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Cactus Club Cafe 

  • Toronto, Ontario: Cactus Club Cafe 

Other notable clients include Hotel Georgia, & Blue Horizon Hotel in downtown Vancouver, and the Canadian Western Bank in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and in Alberta.


Projects we are particularly proud of:

Wildtale Coastal Grill
Dominion Bar + Kitchen
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...More projects to come!